Carpe Diem ECT



With more than 30 years of working experience in increasingly more senior international leadership positions, ECT offers to take on your management challenges with best practise insight and a results driven attitude. Whether it is project or program management, performance management, quality management, risk management; ECT has the expertise and experience you are looking for.


Information Technology


With more that 30 years of working experience in IT organisations, having had subject matter lead for topics like software development, data modeling, IT infrastructure, IT operations, IT architecture, ECT is ready to be your partner that takes your IT to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency.



If you are a racer looking for a coach/team or a team manager looking for an assistant, a data engineer, or a racer, you have come to the right address. Carpe Diem ECT has the connections, the expertise and the experience to meet all your expectations. Whether your racing scene is RCN, VLN or 24H at the Nurburgring or if you focus on races at Zandvoort or if you operate globally in the 24H Series; ECT can help.


In fact, we would love to seize the day racing with you any time any where!


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